About RSD360

RSD360 (360-degree Reflective Surround Display) technology is the up-to-360-degree continuous/borderless

surround display technology, which is based on the patented Reflective Surround Display System developed by Solved By Technology Co., Limited.

RSD360™ is a trademark.

反环360™ is a trademark.

NGCKPIT™ is a trademark.

Meeting Place Nutshell™ is a trademark.

超時空身歷機™ is a trademark.

超時空長者機™ is a trademark.

About the Companies

Solved by Technology Co., Limited performs innovation R&Ds and product design works. The company is incorporated in Hong Kong, China. It is also known as "S8TECH", people might call it “S 八 Tech” in Chinese or simply call it “sugar eggs” in English (and 糖蛋 in Chinese).

The patented Reflective Surround Display System and the associated products including that of RSD360 are developed by Solved By Technology Co., Limited.

In April 2018, RSD360 Holdings Limited was spinned from the Solved By Technology Co., Limited for the purpose to run and own the business of the RSD360 technology and associated products and licensing.

S8TECH™ is a trademark.

Investing in RSD360's Synergy to World's Explosion of 360/VR/AR/Telepresence

RSD360 is in synergy to World's explosion of VR/AR, robot & telepresence applications with new kinds of experience of 360 surround panoramic UX, including 360 panoramic surround first-person-view (FPV) driving for vehicles/machines/robots, 360 panoramic Mixed-Reality (MR) gaming, or other kinds of 360 panoramic surround telepresence/VR/AR applications.

Based on the patented Reflective Surround Display System, hundred of RSD360 products can be produced in different dimensions and applications. RSD360 also brings an extremely cost-effective way of producing 180/360-degree surround panoramic TV and other AV-devices or similar. Any TV, Internet, or Blu-ray media channels simply broadcast/distribute their 180/360-degree surround panoramic content in fisheye format.

This technology is foreseen to be very attractive to or welcomed by RSD360's related manufacturers and/or content providers including :

  1. manufacturers of high-resolution LED displays
  2. manufacturers of high-resolution projectors
  3. manufacturers of 360 cameras
  4. manufacturers of UAVs/drones
  5. content providers such as panoramic film making, 360 advertisement production, VR/AR production for training & gaming, etc.

The technology is future-proof, in the sense that it can use any flat displays of LED/LCD or projectors of future evolution of 8K, 16K, 32K, 128K, etc. to produce 360 panoramic surround imaging for VR/AR/telepresence, even for small homes and small offices; further to (3, 4, 5) above, it restores any 360 image captured by nowadays' 360 camera or produced by computer graphics content providers such as animators or CG movie makers, into an up-to-360-degree ( 180/270/360-degree, etc.) continuous/borderless surround panoramic reality scene in the 3-dimensional space via spatial continuum with speed of light and it is by optical method.

RSD360 provides advantages of naked-eye VR/telepresence experience and the user’s comfort (e.g. essential for professional usages and works for long hours). The following are highlights of RSD360's advantages:

  • Naked eyes VR experience – not masked by wearables, no more being masked from mother, classmates or colleagues
  • No wearing heavy equipment, – no more tired neck
  • Personal Safety – not masked from the environment by HMD , easy to aware of your wallets, your body, your mobile phone, etc.
  • Can play without attended staff– can play in public, e.g. used in gaming centers
  • Can video/photo shooting the 360 surrounding image – (NO WAY to take photo/video with your smartphone or professional camera inside HMD or eye-wearables)
  • Multi-user – not just single user
  • Home-theater – not just for personal.
  • Decode 360-degree at real time – the whole (not partial as in HMD) surrounding image view are “decoded” via optics, our eyeballs can turn to left and right without dark zone
  • Spatial/depth effect due to reflection – reflection create an image in 3-dimensional surrounding space, giving feeling of space and depth
  • Anti-Glare – i) avoid eye-tiredness, ii) video recording and photo-shooting gives good result
  • Can use LCD/LED displays or projectors of future evolution of 8K, 16K, 32K, etc. for tele-reality
  • Can integrate vehicle driver controller, wide-angle periscope, spatial 360 audio system , n-D experience, etc. into RSD360 products to further enhance the user experience